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Who is RJ Stevenson?

I'm so excited that you've taken the time to click through my new kreative space! So...I was doing a photoshoot for one of my clients recently and I overheard a couple of people in conversation. "Who is this RJ Stevenson guy?" said one of the persons. The other person responded, "I don't know, but I'm hearing and seeing his name everywhere!" And everywhere tends to be right because I have a tendency to be doing some of everything!

Simply stated, I'm a kreative professional in multiple industries! I'm the owner of KreativeKoncepts Production and Design, a full-service kreative firm based in Tampa, FL! I'm a musician, graphic designer, interior designer, photographer/videographer, and most of all a church planter! With a stable of clients from across the country, I travel often to support conferences and conventions, produce fashion shows, coordinate design projects, and speak and preach!

Most people choose to specialize in one or two things. I endeavor to do all God has allowed me to do! I may complete an interior design project on Friday afternoon, dj a Worship N' Glow session on Friday night, shoot a photo session on Saturday, and preach on Sunday morning. "Why?", you ask? Because "to whom much is given, much is required!" I want to be able to experience all of the God-given opportunities that come my way.

Who is RJ Stevenson?

Why Entrepreneurship?

As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for the next move toward expansion. It's commonly said that each person should have seven streams of income. The way I see it, if the average person needs seven, I want fourteen! And I'm going to build them!

So recently, I transitioned back into full-time entrepreneurship after seven years of salaried employment. From 2012 to 2017 I served as Director of Institutional Advancement, Planning and Technology at Shorter College, the only private, historically black two-year college in the nation located in North Little Rock, AR. From 2017 to August 2019 I served as Executive Pastor of Allen Temple AME Church in Tampa, FL. Why would you leave the security of salaried employment to take the risk of entrepreneurship? The FREEDOM of LIFE and PASSION!

One day, I reminded by a friend's Facebook status that "If you won't take the time to develop your passion, someone else will pay you to develop theirs!"

It is extremely important that you fulfill your life's dreams and passions! From my perspective, if God has seen enough purpose and destiny in me to pour in the amount of kreativity I've been able to experience, it would be dishonorable to not work as hard as possible to bring as much as I can into a reality! Most entrepreneurs work 14 to 16 hour days! We've got to keep up with providing the needs of our clients as well as marketing and developing our businesses as well! The way I see it, I dare not spend eight hours developing other people's visions and not give the same attention to my own! That's how businesses grow!

So that's who RJ is...a passionate kreative who has embraced the responsibility of providing solutions that make other people's dreams a reality, while developing the dreams God has given me...all at the same time!

Trust me, it's not easy and there are often times of intensity, but with God all things are possible! I look forward to meeting you on the journey!

See you soon!


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I thoroughly enjoyed the event on Sunday. I wish you nothing but growth and prosperity my brother!

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